Monday, June 6, 2016

Adding Three More New Minifigures to my Collection!

This marks the third straight week that I've completed a trade on Swapfig - and this one is my biggest trade yet (a three-for-three deal).  I'm absolutely loving Swapfig so far - I've managed to dump off five unwanted (i.e. duplicate) minifigures and in return I've added five from my want list.  The only unfortunate thing for me at this point is that I'm basically out of duplicate minifigures from the newer series (Series 15 and the Disney Series) - the new stuff seems to have a lot more action as compared to the older series.

Anyhow, it's time to take a quick look at what I was able to acquire.  All three minifigures are from Series 14 (the Monster Series - a series that I wasn't even going to bother collecting until I stumbled upon I own almost half the set)!

First up, the Zombie Cheerleader.

She's like a real cheerleader, except undead.  I can't say that I fully understand why there is a zombie cheerleader.  What is she cheering for?  Brains?

Next, the Spectre.

This figure is pretty cool in that it has a unique "legs" piece.  The other cool thing about this figure is that the head glows in the dark.  It makes for a good looking minifigure - and certainly a good fit with the monster theme that LEGO went with for Series 14.  This is easily one of my favorite figures from the set so far.

The one unfortunate thing about the Spectre (that I didn't realize until after I took the photos and had already left positive feedback for the trader) is that the trader didn't include the Spectre's cloth "robe."  I'm going to try and contact the trader and see if he still has it...but unfortunately I'm guessing I'm out of luck since I already left feedback.

UPDATE:  I contacted the trader and he said it was an oversight.  He told me he'd be mailing me the missing piece.  Let's hope it all works out - I'm too much of a completionist to settle for a unfinished minifigure!

Finally, last but not least, the Zombie Pirate.

Back when I thought I wasn't going to bother collecting Series 14, the Zombie Pirate was one of the few minifigs from the series that I actually wanted.  Now that I have him in hand, I can report that he is a solid figure - but I think the Spectre is actually the best of the three minifigures from this trade!

All told, this was another great trade - and I got to mark off three more minifigures from my want list (which is always exciting)!  I haven't much luck in acquiring minifigures from the older series yet (especially Series 1 which I'm missing 15 of the 16) but perhaps in due time!

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