Monday, June 13, 2016

Two More Brand New Minifigures for my Collection!

This is the fourth consecutive week that I have a Swapfig trade to show off!  I do have other LEGO related things to discuss...but for as long as I'm able to keep knocking minifigures off of my want list, you better believe that's what gets priority!

Anyhow, today's trade was a two-for-two.  Once again, I nabbed a couple more minifigures from Series 14 (the monster series).  I forget who I traded away on this one - I think it was a couple of older figures (probably not my wisest trade in hindsight but that's ok).

I'm now the proud (?) owner of the Monster Rocker and the Fly Monster.

Beginning with the Monster Rocker:

I have to say, why LEGO, why?  This one is completely pointless to me - and while I get the Monster/Halloween theme of the series (even if I don't like it), should all the figures either be kids dressed up as something or, you know, actual monsters?  Since when does Frankenstein play guitar and wear bling?  I've got very little love for this figure, but at least I no longer "need" it (the pains of being a set completionist)!

Next, a slightly better figure in that at least it's unique, the Fly Monster:

An ugly claw for the fly (what is he, half lobster) but the headpiece is kind of cool.  I guess this simply wasn't a very exciting trade...and a perfect reason why I was originally going to completely forgo Series 14.  I guess I should have stuck with my gut on that one.

Oh well - only eight more to go from this series and then I'm done with it forever!

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