Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Custom LEGO Train Station, Bookstore, and Snack Shop!

Over the past few weeks, my wife and I did a complete remodel of our basement (the home of the "man cave" and my LEGO table).  Because of the amount of work required (wallpaper removal, painting, new lights, etc.), I had to completely dismantle my old LEGO train table and box everything up during the remodel process.

The good news is that the remodel is now complete (and the basement looks great)!  That means I am now ready to get my train table put back together - but being someone who likes to mix things up, I ended up arranging the tables in a brand new design which (of course), meant redoing all the track, building placement, etc.  It also meant that I was finally able to (mostly) complete my first large scale MOC:  a train station, bookstore, and a snack shop.

It should be noted that the MOC isn't quite yet complete - I need a lot more grey 2x2 tiles for instance but it's getting close.  Here's a sneak peek at it!

The bookstore uses a Collectible Minifigure (the Librarian) as the store clerk.  The printed books make for a nice display.  You can also see the "coffee chain" store from the Town Square set off to the left of the photo.

Here's a better view of the Coffee Chain.

As for the station, it's an elevated train station (using a spiral staircase to get up to the top).

You might recognize some of the pieces (mostly stickers) from the Train Station set - I took that apart and used some of of the pieces for my much larger train station area!  I still want to tile the rest of the base plate - and add in a few other decorative elements (maybe a statue, some park benches, etc.).

And there's the top of the station.  My new layout has a raised track for the passenger trains and a lower track for the cargo trains.


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