Saturday, January 14, 2017

A New Project is (about to be) Underway!

Last November, I decided on the next "big" step that I wanted to take for my custom LEGO city.  At that time, I had the Ferris Wheel set (which is amazing) and the Fairground Mixer set (also amazing) set up in a small "amusement park" of sorts.  I decided that I ought to try and flesh out my park a bit more with a proper base plate and some more details.  To do so, I knew for sure that I would need a bunch of gray 2x2 tiles for the walkway that I envisioned building and so I bought a big bag full of the tiles.
This was a present from 2015...and to this day it remains one of (if not the) favorite sets of mine!

By the time the tiles arrived, I no longer had any time to work on my LEGO project (or really anything else "fun" thanks to the busyness of my work and the end of the semester).  To be honest, I didn't give the amusement park idea any more thought and the bag of tiles that arrived in the mail just sat on my desk.

Then, at Christmas my brother and his wife gifted me a whole bunch of awesome LEGO sets including a pair of LEGO friends amusement park sets (he must have had the same idea for me and my amusement park).  They got me the bumper cars set and the amusement games set with the target practice.

I ended up grabbing one of those giant gray base plates at Target...and I found a cheap polybag with another amusement park mini game at Wal-Mart last night.  And so, after months of (sort of) planning, plus some awesome gifts, I'm now ready to start working on my amusement park properly!

It is my hope that I'll be able to make some actual, real progress on this new project in the next few days (weeks?).  My first order of business will be to build the three Friends sets though...and then I'll probably mix and match those parts/builds with pieces from my own collection to hopefully create a vibrant amusement park square for my LEGO citizens.

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