Monday, January 23, 2017

REVIEW: LEGO Friends 41127: Amusement Park Arcade

The LEGO Friends 41127:  Amusement Park Arcade set is my third set from the LEGO Friends line (and my second set from the Amusement Park subtheme).  I've already opened, built, and reviewed the Bumper Cars set from the Friends' Amusement Park line (see here if you are interested).

Based on the the first two Friends sets that I've reviewed, I must say that I've come away impressed with both sets.  In fact, I've scored the first two sets a 9/10 and the second set a rare 10/10.

Now the question is:  Was it a stroke of luck that I happened to get two of the better Friends sets?  Or, is the Friends line really that good?!

Let's find out together as we take a look at LEGO 41127:  Amusement Park Arcade.

The Amusement Park Arcade set comes with 174 pieces and a single minidoll (Mia).  In total the set contains three different arcade games, which is fairly impressive for the relatively light piece count.

The three games are a hammer the frog game (sort of a poor man's whack-a-mole I guess), a water target shooting game, and a basketball game.  All three games appear to be based on similar "real life" arcade games which is nice.

Of the three, the worst game is clearly the whack-a-frog game because you only get a single frog to whack!  I will say that the hammer build, though simple, is really nice.  I also like the stickers used on the frog game (but the sticker shows multiple lily pads with frogs to whack).  For me, I'm not sure how I can expand upon this game easily because it uses golden frogs (a piece that isn't common at all)!

Next up, the water shooting game.  This one uses a stud launcher (with transparent blue studs to indicate water).  You can actually swivel the gun around in order to hit each of the three targets (and each target will fall down on its own when hit).  Once again, it's a simple build but I think it works really well (though the stud launcher may be a bit too strong since when you hit the target the blue stud will go flying backwards)!  Luckily, there is a "water bucket" full of extra blue studs for when you inevitably lose the first one!  I should also note that the targets are all printed (the rest of the signs in the set use stickers however).

The final game is the basketball shooting game.  The over-sized basketball hoop is a bit off-putting to me...but the game itself works.  You can smash down on a gray "knob" to launch the ball into the hoop.  The only downside to the game itself is that the orange ball actually has a "soccer" design to it (hexagonal patches) rather than the typical lines of a basketball.  Still, that's nitpicking (and at least the ball itself is orange as it should be).

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  10
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  10
Adult Value:  8
Overall:  9.5
5 stickers and a small assortment of extra pieces in the end.

As with the other two Friends sets that I've built, this one doesn't disappoint!  The fun and play value is as high as it can be since all three games are "working" games to varying degrees.  I think kids would have a lot of fun with this set (and as with the other amusement park sets, this one doesn't scream stereotypical "girl" either).  For adult collectors, I think this set offers a lot of good parts to start building your own custom arcade.  I do wish it had another golden frog or two, that's a bit of a bummer (especially with the sticker showing multiple lily pads) but otherwise it's a good base for a nice arcade.

I must say, I enjoyed the first two Friends Amusement Park sets so much (these were both Christmas gifts to me) that I found one more set on sale at my local Wal*Mart that I picked up for myself.  I haven't built it yet (I try not to build a new set before I write a review of the last set built).  All that said, I must admit that I have high hopes for that set too...even if it is smaller than this one!

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