Friday, April 14, 2017

A Look Back: 1992 LEGO Magazine (Featuring Castle!)

One of my big goals this summer is to completely overhaul my custom LEGO City table - and in doing so, I'd like to incorporate some of my other sets that I have sitting around in boxes.  As part of my preparation work, I went through one of my boxes of LEGO and discovered a true gem:

A 1992 LEGO Magazine from my childhood.

As you can tell by the cover, this little magazine is well-worn by 9-year-old me thumbing through the pages day after day.  Heck, even the cover of the little magazine is great!  I miss LEGO doing fun little dioramas that this.  There's actually quite a bit to unpack in this simple image (including Pirates, Space Police, and a knight blocking a City train).  Good stuff, and certainly enough to capture my attention as a kid.

Flipping to the next page, we find Jack, the LEGO Maniac.

I think I would have made a good "LEGO Maniac."  I wonder how Jack got that job.  I actually don't recall seeing Jack before - my hunch is that 9-year-old me always skipped this page and went straight for the "good stuff."

Speaking of good stuff, this magazine starts right away with my favorite line of sets:  Castle.

I loved Castle back as a kid - and I still love Castle today.  In fact, I recently bought an old Castle set that I never owned as a kid (more on that later).  For now though, let's look at those factions and my thoughts on them from when I was a kid.

The Crusaders were more or less on their way out of LEGO's set rotation by the time I started playing with LEGO.  I know that I owned at least one Crusader figure, but I don't think I had any true Crusader sets.  On the other hand, the Black Knights were in full force in 1992 - just look at the various Black Knight sets featured on the page.  I actually owned multiple copies of the Sea Serpent and the Black Knight.  I always wanted the big castle (because what kid didn't?) but I also remember thinking that the Black Monarch's Ghost set was pretty cool looking.  Looking that the sets today, I notice that the Black Monarch's Ghost set actually has a peg sticking out of it - which makes me think it was designed to connect to other sets (the Knight's Stronghold perhaps)?

The other two factions of the era were actually the two that I liked best.  The Wolfpack were clearly the "bad guys" of the land - and they happened to have one of the biggest sets in my collection at the time.  Finally, the Forestmen were my all-time favorite...and while I didn't own many of their sets, I still love 'em!

Speaking of the Forestmen and Wolfpack, the next page of the magazine shows them in action.

I distinctly recall loving the Forestmen's Crossing set - another set that I never owned (and still don't) though I think I may rectify that someday soon.  I did own, however, the Wolfpack Tower - my biggest Castle set at the time (and the subject of hours and hours of fun for me as a kid)!  My brother owned the Wolfpack Renegades set - though neither of us owned any of the featured Forestmen stuff.

Moving on to page 5, we find more Castle goodies including sets labeled "Crusaders."

Out of the mix, I owned the Castle Mini Figures set (which is where my lone Crusaders figure came from).  I also always loved the peasant figure with the pitchfork.  For years and years, I owned exactly one pitchfork and it came from that little set!

I also have to point out, once again, how awesome the dioramas are.  There's so much that is interesting to look at (and drool over) in that picture (especially for a kid).  I was certainly fortunate to have owned a ghost (from the Wolfpack Tower set)...and that ghost certainly gets some prime real estate on the pages of this magazine!

I hope you enjoyed a look through the first portion of the magazine.  Next up, the Pirates - which I'll cover in a later post (the magazine includes a Pirate set that I always wanted and eventually tracked down not all that long ago)!  More on that in the near future!

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  1. I was all about the Wolfpack and the Pirates. We had a few good Pirate sets and the always battled the Wolfpack in any set I made.