Saturday, April 15, 2017

LEGO 40237: Easter Egg Hunt - REVIEW

Just in time for Easter 2017, I present my review of LEGO 40237:  Easter Egg Hunt.

This seasonal set contains 145 pieces and includes a pair of minifigures (and a white chicken).  The set retails for about $10.00 US.

As you can probably see from the back of the box, this year's Easter set has a definite "hide the egg" mentality about it.  In fact, the entire set is basically an Easter egg hunt.

Ripping open the box, we find three clear plastic bags with pieces (no numbering on the bags), an instruction manual, and a loose lime green base plate.

I can't help but immediately notice that two of the three mini builds will occur on dark green base plates while the third is on the lime green.  That seems really odd to me - I would have preferred all three builds with the same color "grass."

That said, I really shouldn't judge the set until I build it, so let's do so now.

One thing I like to do whenever I build a new set like this is to check out the new pieces.  While there are no true new pieces in this set, there were a few that were new-to-me.  Furthermore, the set itself proved to be full of good pieces, especially those masonry blocks!

Like most small LEGO sets, we begin this build by assembling the two minifigures.

For the Easter Egg hunt, we get a mother figure and a son figure.  The mother has a dual-sided face (the other side showing her wearing sunglasses) but the son's face is only "super happy."  I do like the mother's hair piece quite a bit...and it seems like a hair piece that I don't own many of yet (or possibly any?).

The Easter Egg Hunt is basically three small vignettes:  the first of which is a small vegetable garden (consisting of only carrots apparently).  I'm also not sure the mother knows how to pick don't pull it 90% out of the ground and then dig a hole around the entire thing to throw in your wheelbarrow.  Very strange.

In this vignette, the blue egg is actually hidden underneath the garden.

That one seems sort of tricky to find...especially when you consider how obvious the next two egg hiding spots are!  I will say that I like the blue egg itself quite a bit - I wish the other two included eggs were as vibrantly colored as this one (they aren't, instead we get a white egg and a grey egg).

The second vignette is the "main" one consisting of a mailbox and a couple of lights on the fence.  This is also the vignette that is built on the lime green plate as opposed to the (nicer looking) dark green plates.

I do like the flower garden here - the paving stones are a nice touch (as is getting four different colors for the flowers).  The egg is hidden inside the mailbox (though where else could it be, really)?

I should note here that the fence pieces (three in all in the set) are really nice.  I could use about 20 more of those!

Finally, we get the third and final vignette, the chicken coop!

This one is probably my favorite simply because of the included chicken!  No surprise here though, the egg itself is hidden inside the coop.

As a whole, LEGO 40237:  Easter Egg Hunt offers up a lot of great individual pieces.  However, the actual build itself is uninspiring (and no interesting techniques are used).  Having three small vignettes, rather than one large one, is also disappointing - as is the fact that one of the three base plates is a different shade of green.

For me, this is not a set that I'll keep together to display - not even seasonally.  However, it is also not a set that I regret fact, I'd happily acquire a second copy of the set given the chance (and a discount) simply because there are so many useful pieces here.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  5
Play Value:  6
Kid Value:  3
Adult Value:  6

Overall:  5

Overall, this set does have some play value (in that you can actually hide the eggs and then have the minifigure find them).  However, there are only three eggs included...and really, there are only three or four hiding spots (maybe you could turn the wheelbarrow upside down and hide one there).  For kids, I don't think this set would have much long-lasting value...and given that it is made up of three little builds, I can imagine that this set wouldn't survive intact for long either.  For adults, the main value is simply in the included pieces.  There is plenty here to to use in custom creations - and that alone is worth the price.

As for the extra pieces that are included, nothing to write home about though the flower pieces are certainly always useful.  I also can never get enough greenery of any type, so I'll happily add the "carrot top" to my extras bin.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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