Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Look Back: 1992 LEGO Magazine (Featuring Model Team and Technic)

I'm back to continue my look through the 1992 LEGO Magazine.  It's been a fun romp through history...and the next couple of pages promise to bring back even more memories!

We begin with the one page worth of Model Team sets.  As I recall, the Model Team line was aimed at slightly older kids (and probably adult collectors, though I don't think there were all that many adult fans of LEGO back then).  Anyhow, in 1992 LEGO had four Model Team sets that they were pushing including the awesome (but stupidly named) "Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck" set which I owned.

Not only did I own the set, I still have the set built (and on display) today!

It is, in fact, a super truck and perhaps I shouldn't have said the name of the set was stupid.  Ok, it is stupid, but it's still a cool set!

The next three pages all detail the LEGO Technic sets of the day - Technic being a line that LEGO is still producing to this day.

Out of the sets shown on the first page, I only owned the Universal Building Set #8024 (the one with red, not yellow, bricks).  I also owned an older version of a motor which you could use with the red Universal Building Set (I believe the motor shown on the ad was a new version...something I never owned).

Moving on to page 20 of the magazine, we get even more Technic.

Once again, I am pleased to report that I owned a set off of the page - in this case, the Night Chopper set.  As a kid, I remember thinking that the Shock Cycle looked cool (springs!) but I also recall thinking that the little dude in the Rally Shock n' Roll Racer car looked terrible.  It's funny what one can remember from so many years ago!

And finally, we get to the last of the Technic - a full page devoted to the Whirlwind Rescue set.

Obviously this set was LEGO's "big one" for the Technic line at the time.  The helicopter was equipped with flex system cable connectors which were apparently a big deal.  I don't buy or build Technic stuff anymore so I have no idea if flex system cables are still a thing.  Still, it is a kind of need (though very chunky) looking helicopter.

One thing that has struck me as I've looked through the magazine is that there hasn't been any mention of prices anywhere.  That will change on the last couple of pages (as you'll see when I post the conclusion of the magazine).

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, see you again soon!

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