Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Look Back: 1992 LEGO Magazine (Featuring Minifigures, Road Signs, and More)

Today it is time to say goodbye to our 1992 LEGO Magazine.

After perusing Castle, Pirates, Space, Town, Trains, Boats, Model Team, and Technic all in previous posts, we are left with a few assorted sets (with actual prices listed) as we close out the magazine.

Page 22 of the magazine has a half page ad for the LEGO Builders Club.

Joining the club you'd get a whole 4 issues of their magazine plus a small set worth at least $2.59.  All for the low cost of $7.95 for one year or $14.00 for two years.  Even today, that doesn't sound like a very good deal to me.

The other half of that page contains some assorted building accessories.  You can get an old school brick separator or a 9V motor.  I actually owned that red storage case at one point in time (and my brother and I each shared the Idea Book).  In fact, not all that long ago I bought myself a new copy of the Idea Book since I have no idea whatever happened to the book that my brother and I owned as a kid (and I wanted a copy for the nostalgia factor if nothing else).

The next page of the magazine is where you can start to see how LEGO's prices have changed since 1993.

Quite frankly, all things considered LEGO has always been expensive!  For my money, the Lighting Bricks is probably the best deal on that page, though it does require another $11 for the 9V battery box.  As a kid, I owned the Police 4x4 set...and looking back, I wish I would have bought the Castle Elements set.  Finally, the page also features an itty bitty look at LEGO's efforts to acquire more female builders.  The Poolside Paradise set is actually kind of neat looking but the other two sets leave quite a bit to be desired.

Finally, we reach the backside of the magazine which has an order form and a few more sets available for mail order purchase.

I am pleased to say that I owned the Castle Mini Figures set (and my brother had the Space Mini Figures set).  Otherwise, though, this is a page full of things that we both wished we owned back in the day.  Heck, I'd still love to get some LEGO street signs...and I can never have too many LEGO trees!

This was a fun trip down memory lane for myself...and, as it turned out, it inspired me to see if I could track down a couple of old sets from sites like eBay (one of which I did buy and will show off soon)!

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