Monday, June 26, 2017

LEGO 30607: Disco Batman & Tears of Batman - REVIEW

Earlier this year, I greatly enjoyed The LEGO Batman movie that came out in theaters.  Of course, LEGO wouldn't let a great marketing idea slip by them...and so they released a whole bunch of sets (and a full collectible minifigure line) specifically for the movie.  In addition to all the sets and figures, LEGO also released a smattering of polybags, one of which I got (free with purchase) from the LEGO Store in Rochester, NY a number of months ago.

The LEGO 30607:  Disco Batman, Tears of Batman set has almost as twice as many letters in its title as it has pieces within the bag!

Upon opening the bag, you are greeted with the expected pieces along with a pair of cardboard "boxes."

Each cardboard box houses one of the capes for the set.

The green cape isn't anything overly special but the gold cape is very nice:  it's shiny gold on one side and solid black on the other.

In the end, the polybag is really nothing more than two more Batman minifigures.
The only extra piece is an extra pearl gold skate.

However, both designs were 100% new for my collection (and thus appreciated)!  I really like Batman's torso in the Disco Batman figure while the Tears of Batman has some interesting pants (though I will say that the pants don't seem to "go" with the shirt at all for that figure).

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  8
Play Value:  8
Kid Value:  8
Adult Value:  10
Overall:  9

Overall, you can't really knock a "free" set.  However, attempting to judge this set as if I had paid a "normal" polybag price for it made the ratings make more sense in my head.  For both kids and play value, I think having Batman paired with one of the hundreds of villains from the movie would have made more sense (I'd get rid of "Tears of Batman" and replace that with someone like Condiment Man or something).  However, this set is probably more geared to adult collectors who simply want every version of Batman that they can get their hands on.  As far as I know, these two versions of the caped crusader are both unique to this polybag...and that alone makes the adult value skyrocket.

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