Friday, June 30, 2017

Three More New Minifigures: Series 4, Series 10, and The LEGO Movie!

For the past several months, I haven't had a lot of time to work on expanding my LEGO Collectible Minifigure master set.  However, I did manage to make a single trade on SwapFig which netted me three new figures for my collection.

The first, and oldest, figure is the Kimono Girl from way back in Series 4.

The Kimono Girl has some nice printing on both her hair piece and her kimono.  I only wish the fan piece had some printing as well, it feels a bit like she got the short end of the stick in terms of minifigure accessories.

Now that I have the Kimono Girl in hand, I am exactly halfway done with Series 4 (which is impressive given how old the series is now and since I wasn't collecting LEGO when the series was originally released).  For the record, here is what I still need from Series 4:

Series 4 Needs (need 8/16):

  • Lawn Gnome
  • Ice Skater
  • Musketeer
  • Surfer Girl
  • Viking
  • The Monster
  • Hockey Player
  • Street Skater

Next up, from Series 10:  The Trendsetter.

I'm fairly certain this figure is basically supposed to be Paris Hilton, right down to the little tiny doggy that is included (no basket or purse to carry the little dog in though, sadly).  The best thing I can say about this figure is that I no longer need it...and quite frankly, it will look good in my custom city as a generic city folk person.

I'm a lot closer to having Series 10 complete, though truth be told, Series 10 will probably be the final series remaining on my want list since I'll probably never have a chance to acquire the Mr. Gold figure.  For what it is worth, here's what I still need:
Series 10 (need 3/17):

  • Bumblebee Girl
  • Revolutionary Soldier
  • Mr. Gold

Finally, from The LEGO Movie collectible series, I tracked down the movie's main protagonist, Emmet.

Specifically, this is "hard hat Emmet."  Emmet looks suitably dopey in this form which is fitting if you have seen the movie.  Perhaps "dopey" is too harsh, how about naive and boringly content?

The good news is that much like Series 10, I'm only three figures away from having the LEGO Movie series complete.  The better news is that there isn't a super rare Mr. Gold standing in my way of completing this set.  Here's all that remains on my want list:
Lego Movie (need 3/16):

  • William Shakespeare
  • Gail the Construction Worker
  • Martha Staplebot

All things considered, I am always pleased to make progress on my collection - especially with the older series (which for me is anything prior to Series 5 when I started collecting).  If you have any minifigures available, check out my want list here (or find me on SwapFig).

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