Friday, July 14, 2017

My Custom LEGO City: A Video Update!

With summer vacation upon me, I've been doing a bit more with my various hobbies.  One of those hobbies (and the reason for the the blog's existence) is LEGO.  For today, I have done a video tour of my LEGO table as it stands prior to demolition.  That's right, one of my summer goals is to completely redo my LEGO table (I bought two new large tables so that I'll have more space for even more LEGO soon)!  However, before demolishing the current set-up, I wanted a video to capture all the memories.

 I also snapped a couple of photographs for those that don't like to watch videos.

For the first, you can get a good view of my custom LEGO Hospital.  In the background you can see the large fire station.  If you look even further in the background, you might be able to make out my custom LEGO tunnel as well.
Moving to a different section of the city, here you can see my custom LEGO Ice Cream shop (nestled between a number of official LEGO kits).

The above shot is more of an overheard shot of what the least developed part of my city looks like.  I clearly need more blue base plates in order to make a better ocean/beach area.
And finally, a close up look at my custom LEGO train station complete with a bookstore and a couple of different places to get food and snacks.  I envision this plate becoming the center of town eventually (and yes, I'll eventually tile the entire base plate but it's not done yet).  I think I'll probably end up redoing the train station at some point as well, but for now it'll do.

That's a quick tour of the old city.  I hope that I am able to do another tour before too long of my new city (complete with two new tables).

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  1. That's a cool layout. I like all of the little details and upgrades you've done to add character and life to your builds.