Thursday, January 25, 2018

REVIEW: LEGO 60171: Mountain Fugitives

The LEGO 60171:  Mountain Fugitives set is basically a starter set for the mountain police subtheme introduced in 2018.  The set comes with 88 pieces which is on the low end for a $10 set - but it also includes four minifigures which is definitely on the high end.  So, given that, the question is:  is the set worth $10 or should you pass on this one?

For starters (pun intended), the idea of this set is to simply introduce kids (and adults) to the mountain police subtheme.  Believe it or not, there is actually one set in the theme smaller than this one, but unless you want even more police vehicles, I found the Mountain Fugitives set to be the most appealing set after the largest police station set in the subtheme (and obviously this set is much, much cheaper to acquire)!

Let's take a look at the set and see if you agree with my assessment.

As stated already, you get four minifigures.  Two of them are the "good guys" and two are the "bad guys."  In this set, I think the bad guys are more fun...but the best minifigure is actually the one police woman.

That hair/hat combo piece looks amazing - and there's no doubt I'd like to acquire a bunch more of those (preferably in different color hat/hair combinations).  I'm not sure if that was a new mold for 2018 or not, but it was the first time I saw it!  A pleasant surprise from the little set for sure.

The other policeman (who is a man) gets to drive the 4-wheeler.  As builds go, the 4-wheeler isn't anything special but I do think it looks better than most of the other similar police 4-wheelers that LEGO has done lately - that newish grill piece really helps!

Moving on to the criminals, we also get a 50/50 gender split between male and female crooks (which is great).  The lady crook gets a backpack to store a couple of gold bars while the male crook doesn't even get a shirt to cover up his jail clothing.  I do wish LEGO would "cool it down" a bit with having to make every crook in LEGO City wear a black-and-white striped jail top, but otherwise these are nice enough figures.

I should point out that the wooden "end" piece is actually a printed piece.  That was a very pleasant surprise when I built the set (I had assumed it was a sticker used there like most LEGO City sets seem to employ).

The star of the show, however, is the new beehive piece.  I basically bought this set strictly so that I could be sure I owned one of the beehive pieces and it didn't disappoint.  It's bright - so it sticks out nicely...and in a fun touch, you can even fit the entire beehive over top of a minifigures head!

The only other play feature in the set is that you can swing the small plant piece at the base of the tree out of the way.  Behind it lies a small little storage cubby, big enough for a those gold bars but not much else (which is fine since the set doesn't come with any other "treasure" for the robbers to have looted).  I'll never turn down getting more LEGO plant pieces so I'm happy with the inclusion.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  10
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  10
Adult Value:  4
Overall:  8

For $10, you get four minifigures, a small vehicle, a bit of scenery, and a beehive.  That's a lot of play value for a kid for a  low price point (by LEGO standards).  Kudos to LEGO for that.  Unfortunately, for adult collectors this set doesn't really offer anything new or overly desirable except for the beehive (and maybe the printed 2x2 round "wood" tile).  The two criminal minifigures are hampered in their use by the striped shirts and I'm guessing any adult LEGO collector already has more police officers than they could possibly need in a LEGO City.  Still, at $10 you can't go wrong if you want to simply "scratch the itch to build."


  1. That's a pretty nice set. I may have to pick it up for my son who is really into LEGO City.

  2. Yeah, it's a great little set. I think the beehive piece will be a particular favorite for LEGO fans of all ages!