Tuesday, December 18, 2018

REVIEW: LEGO 30382: Jurassic World Baby Velociraptor Playpen

I'm a huge fan of both dinosaurs and LEGO - so when LEGO said they were going to produce another round of Jurassic Park sets full of dinosaurs I was excited.  Unfortunately, many of the Jurassic World sets ended up being quite expensive for the amount of parts you got, but if you weren't after the biggest and baddest dinosaurs there are still some quality options.

If you really don't want the biggest and baddest dinosaurs, then perhaps LEGO 30382:  Jurassic World Baby Velociraptor is just the ticket. 

The Velociraptor playpen set is a low budget polybag set with a fairly robust 48 pieces.  While there are no minifigures included in the set, you do get an awfully adorable baby velociraptor which seems like a fine trade. 

The set itself consists of a single small build which is supposed to be a "playpen" according to the set name. However, I wouldn't call this a pen of any sort (play or otherwise) since there is no fully enclosed area to be found anywhere in the build.

Instead, I would definitely treat the polybag as more of a parts set than anything else.  You do get a number of useful parts including the baby dinosaur, a pair of bones, and two of the relatively new leaf pieces.  You also get a chicken leg and a few pieces in the lovely dark blue that I like so much.  All in all, it's a solid little set - and for the money you can't go wrong if you like dinosaurs. 

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  3
Play Value:  3
Kid Value:  4
Adult Value:  3
Overall:  3

The polybag set is hard to judge objectively for two reasons.  First, the set doesn't have any minifigures, nor does it have a second baby dinosaur.  That means it's hard to have a lot to "play" with the set - I mean, other than making the baby dino eat a bone and drink some water there isn't much here.  The other reason that this set is hard to judge is that it is clearly designed for people who simply want more dinosaurs at an affordable price point.  Sure, there may not be a lot that this actually does but look, you get a baby velociraptor! 

If the baby dino is a draw to you, then this set is probably at least a 7 in terms of value and overall score.  However, I'm guessing that a lot of people will pass this set by given that you don't get a minifigure of any type in it nor do you get a proper pen of any sort (at least not if you simply build the set as instructed).

As for me, I love dinosaurs and I actually grabbed two of this set the other day with that thoughts that I might be able to combine them into a single, more proper "pen."  I'll have to see if I can make that work sometime soon.  For now though, I'll simply enjoy this little build for what it is: simple, cheap, and fun for dino lovers.

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