Sunday, January 27, 2019

My Custom LEGO City: A Complete Overhaul

Over my Christmas break (and with the help of my brother), I completely ripped up, tore apart, and reassembled my custom LEGO city.  That meant completely clearing off six tables, plus four boards that I used to provide extra height. 

Prior to the tear down, here's a look at the old city.

In the end, I opted to go with an "O" shape rather than the sort of "T" shape that I used before.  I believe the "O" shape will allow me to have easier access to all parts of the city! 

I hope to show off more of the city in the future...and hopefully next time I'll even have more of the little stuff put up (most of my minifigs, signs, etc. aren't placed yet).

For now though, I'll be happy with what I have.  It feels good to get the city back to a place where I'm happy with how it looks.

I will have more on the city whenever I actually do enough to warrant another post!  I do have some pretty big plans though so hopefully another update will come sooner rather than later.

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  1. Awesome stuff! I love Legos! If I ever won the lottery, I'd love to build a Lego city. I've seen a few on YouTube and I've been jealous of every single one... including yours.