Monday, August 26, 2019

LEGO 75917: Raptor Rampage - REVIEW

I've been on a bit of a Jurassic World LEGO kick lately with both of my last two builds being Jurassic World sets.  The previous build was from the last wave of Jurassic World sets while this build goes back further in time to the first Jurassic World wave when the first movie of the trilogy was released.  This is my review of LEGO 75917:  Raptor Rampage.

The set comes with three minifigures (Claire, Owen, and an unnamed ACU soldier) as well as two raptors:  Blue and Delta.  Of course, people that saw the first Jurassic World movie will know that Blue plays a pivotal role in the movie so getting a LEGO version of him (and Owen) is always appreciated. 

Owen is both the star of the movie and also of this particular LEGO kit, but the two raptors aren't far behind.  Personally, I think I'll probably remove the two head pieces from each raptor, though I do know why they are included in the set.  Each raptor has distinct coloring, though Blue is more green than blue colored overall.  Still, I love the dinos!  I should also add that Owen's motorcycle is a lovely forest green color and is instantly one of my favorite bikes in my collection. 

The other two figures included in the set aren't nearly as interesting but I do like the ACU member's vest (and "ACU" is printed on the vest I might add).  Claire has her cell phone which is good but without her high heels it simply doesn't feel like the Claire of the first movie!  Also, you'll notice the printing isn't perfect on her figure which is a bit of a shame as well.

With 324 pieces and an original retail price of $49.99, you'd expect more than a couple of dinos and a trio of figures - and while there is one more thing to build it'll become immediately apparent that the value isn't all there...

That's the Vet Unit truck combined with a turret machine gun on top.  I mean, nothing says "let me help you out, poor dinos" like a machine gun, am I right? 

Much like in the previous Jurassic World set that I build (which also had a very similar truck), this truck sits up much too high and, in doing so, looks like a prime candidate to roll over when trying to go around any sort of curve.  The coloring on the model is alright but I prefer the darker blue and grays used in the newer Jurassic World sets as compared to the whites and bright blues used here.  I should also mention that this set employs a very liberal use of stickers:  18 in all for only 324 parts.  That's way too many if you ask me.

The back of the truck has a couple of different features worth mentioning.  As you would expect, there are doors that open up so you can see what's in the back and the upper turret can swivel 360 degrees. 

You can also pop the turret off of the roof of the truck (and remove the truck's roof) and then place the turret on an included helicopter blade piece and slide the turret into the truck for safe keeping.  In this view, you can also see two included computer monitors (more stickers), though I do like the sticker that shows two different raptors on the screen (which fits with the set since you get two different raptors to keep track of here)!

Finally, you can pull the entire back of the truck off it's base and use the blocky bit as a standalone base if you want.  The turret can then be either mounted someplace else or back on top of the base.  That's some decent play flexibility but if you remove the back of the truck then the truck itself doesn't have much else to offer!

Overall, I give the LEGO 75917:  Raptor Rampage set the following rating:
The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  10
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  8
Adult Value:  4
Overall:  7

As with many of the Jurassic World sets, this set suffers from too high of a price point as compared to what you get.  Yes, getting two raptors is awesome (as is the green bike) but it's still not enough to justify the original's $50 price tag.  At the time of the sets release, I believe both Owen and Claire were unique to this set which probably explains part of the price but still, looking back on it now the set simply isn't worth the original price tag.  That said, if you can get it on sale - even $10 off - then it becomes a much better deal.  Ignoring price for a moment, this set is a great set for kids in particular.  Two dinos, two vehicles, a machine gun, three minifigures.  There's a lot to like for kids - and even the inclusion of the brick separator was nice (and a bit of a surprise to me since the set only has 324 total pieces).

In the end, it definitely seems like for most of the Jurassic World sets you are basically paying for some sweet dinosaurs and almost everything else is an afterthought.  I think it's definitely best to bite the bullet and buy the sets which contain the dinos you most want, but if it's a kid's gift you are looking for then this set is definitely recommended!


  1. One of my sons really enjoys the Jurassic World sets. I think most of the appeal from his perspective is the dinosaur figures.

  2. Cool set. I think you nailed it. Lots of stuff for kids to play with in this set.