Minifigure Museum: Skier (Series 2)

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It's been awhile since I've done one of my Minifigure Museum posts.  The basic idea behind the series is that I take a particular minifig from one of the collectible minifigure series and then basically talk about it.  I've also had a tradition of typically trying to feature the minifig in some sort of "real world" scene as well as a LEGO-centric scene.  These particular posts are a lot of work to put together sometimes but they are also a lot of fun!  Hopefully, you'll see a few more entries in my Minifigure Museum series before this year is over (the last entry I did was way back in 2015 believe it or not)!


Today, we are going back to Series 2 for a look at the simply-titled "Skier."  

Since Series 2, LEGO has done a number of winter sport themed minifigures (including a second skier, this time female, in Series 8).  However, back when Series 2 was released this figure marked the first snow-themed minifig!  

This particular figure has a racing vest on, complete with his racer number.  He comes with a pair of white (unprinted) skis as well as two white ski poles.  He has sunglasses on as well as a little bit of a smirk (his head is not printed on both sides).  A simple blue ski cap and blue snow pants round out the figure.  

As you can see, there is no back printing to speak of which means this is one of the lesser decorated figures in all of the Collectible Minifigure line!  Still, I have to admit that I like it quite a bit - probably because I used to ski a lot (and the all-blue outfit works for me)!

Of course, any skier worth his salt would be outside right now given that we still have snow on the ground from the giant snowstorm we got almost a month ago!

I do think LEGO could have printed some ski boots on his feet, but otherwise the figure looks alright standing in the snow.  He looks even better when he's actually skiing though!  

Fun fact:  I actually tried to get the skier to stay in a downhill position on the icy snow but it would stay put - he wanted to ski downhill whether I wanted him to or not!

Moving back indoors, my current Kitchen Mantle set-up (see other posts for more information on that) has a small, snowy hill on it so why not let Mr. Skier take a run on that mountain as well? 

Once again, I couldn't get him to stay on the hill without him sliding all the way down - I guess that means the mountain's pitch is just right!  

Truthfully, I can't say for certain that this particular minifig is actually meant to be a downhill racer.  I always assumed that based on the racing bib with number but I suppose it's possible that he's actually a cross-country skier and not a downhill skier (after all, years later LEGO would release a skier minifigure that was actually called "downhill skier"). 

That does it for today's Minifigure Museum.  I hope you've enjoyed the resurrection of the series...and if you are relatively new to the blog here's a link to all of the Collectible Minifigure Checklists as well as individual links to the particular minifigs for whom I've done a Minifigure Museum post about to date.


  1. Nice little scene with the stream and the snow. Overall... I really like this figure, but you're right... they should have printed boots.


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