Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Weightlifter (Series 2)

Weightlifter:  LEGO Series 2 minifigure

I didn't start collecting the LEGO minifigures until series 7 was released which means that the first six series are all a bit of a mystery to me.  I ended up tracking down four unopened packs of Series 2 from eBay which is how I landed the weightlifter.

Out of all the series 2 minifigs, I think I want the Spartan, Surfer, and the Pharaoh the most (out of the ones that I still need from the set anyhow).  I had to admit, the weightlifter didn't intrigue me much as I'm definitely not much of a fan of heavy lifting (as evidenced by my Wii Fit image above)...  Even so, I have to admit the figure is endearing in its own little way.

Looking at the figure itself, the highlight (to me) is the beads of sweat running down the guy's face.  I'm not sure why he has what appears to be a die (showing a four) on his shirt, but the green jump suit does scream "gym class" to me!  His weight is also quite nice - and as you can see below, it's actually three different pieces.

There is no printing on the back of the figure (hence no photos).  The weight consists of a bar plus the two end pieces (which look remarkably similar to both weights and LEGO pieces - perfect)!  The guy's hair piece is ok as well, though nothing special.