Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving (no matter where in the world you are).  My humble little LEGO blog has started to pick up steam lately - and I'm pleased to say that I have even more stuff ready to go for the next couple of weeks already!

For now though, enjoy the holiday - and if you missed my review of the Thanksgiving Feast set, be sure to check that out!

Monday, November 25, 2013

LEGO 40056: Thanksgiving Feast - REVIEW

Each year, LEGO releases a bunch of different seasonal sets.  Some are quite nice, others not-so-nice...but until the Thanksgiving Feast was released, no seasonal set ever convinced me that it was a "must have."  For about $8.00 (as of the time of this post), you get 46 pieces including two minifigures and a full Thanksgiving spread!

As you can see from (not-so-great) scan, the set contains 46 pieces and is number 40056.  The reason why the set was considered a must buy by me?  The awesome piece selection.

Sure, you only get 46 pieces but among the 46 pieces are a full turkey, a pie, a carrot, two cats, two minifigures, a pie, and a bunch of other goodies.  You can't beat that selection for the price of the polybag!

You also get a pair of minifigures - presumably a husband and a wife who about to sit down (along with their two cats) to enjoy a feast of turkey, bread, sausages, and a carrot - with a cream pie for desert.  It's not exactly what I would consider a typical Thanksgiving meal but I guess it works in Legoland.

In terms of a build, the Thanksgiving Feast is over almost before it even begins.  Basically, you put two 6x6 tan plates together to form the table and slap on a pair of arches which serve as legs.  After that, it's mostly a matter of arranging the food and drink items (and building the keg - root beer of course since the set is for ages 6+).

For me, the full turkey and the baguette were new pieces.  I did have a pie and a carrot but only from the Collectible Minifigure Series.  The hot dogs/sausages weren't new to me but this is the largest quantity of those that I've ever gotten from a single set.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  6
Play Value:  4
Kid Value:  4
Adult Value:  9
Overall:  6

I don't think that this set is designed to be a lot of fun for kids.  After all, for most kids eating isn't exactly a fun activity (they'd rather be playing) so I doubt "fake eating" would be all that much fun for most.  However, if a child likes to build houses (and kitchens) then this set could provide a lot of new and interesting pieces for a fully stocked kitchen!  For adults, the value isn't in the set itself but rather the individual pieces.  You get plenty of unique or hard-to-find pieces for a great price (plus you get two minifigures which can be used in a a variety of scenes).

Monday, November 18, 2013

LEGO 40082: Christmas Tree Stand - REVIEW

The LEGO Christmas Tree Stand (set number 40082) was only available as a "free" throw-in when you ordered $100 worth of LEGO sets from the LEGO Shop at Home website (at least I think you needed to order $100 worth).  Since I ended up ordering the Winter Village Market, this particular set went with the Market perfectly (and thus made my market purchase seem like a better deal)!

As for the Christmas Tree Stand set, it comes with 115 pieces (officially though you do get a few extra little pieces).  You get two minifigures, a small Christmas tree stand, a stand for a broom and axe, and a couple of $100 bills.  You also get three small pine trees which serve as the Christmas trees.

Once you open up the box, you are greeted with three plastic bags (unnumbered) and an instruction booklet.
I have to admit, with only 115 pieces, I was expecting a cheap fold-out book but I was pleasantly surprised.  The instruction manual is thick (though perhaps unnecessarily so since you only use two or three pieces per step throughout the building process).

As usual with LEGO sets, you begin the building process with the minifigures.  For the Christmas Tree Stand set, you get two minifigures.  The first is a stand worker who comes with green overalls and a plaid shirt.  He also has one of the newer style ball caps.  The second figure is the woman shopper who comes with a scarf piece (a backwards handkerchief) and a purple beanie cap (a new color, at least for me)!

After putting together the two minifigures, there is one other small build - a simple tool stand.

The set comes with both an axe and a broom - one for cutting down Christmas trees and the other for sweeping up loose needles I guess.  There's not much exciting about this but it is a nice touch.

Finally, we get to the main part of the set - the actual Christmas Tree stand.  As I was building the small stand, I have to admit that I was impressed with the build.
Build in progress!

There's just enough variation to keep the build interesting - and the end result is quite nice.  I like the fact that LEGO included working opening doors for the window - you can close up shop when it is after hours!  Again, it's a small touch but a nice one.  Not only that but the door pieces themselves were new to me (and it's always fun to get new pieces)!

The build is basically over before it even begins - but that happens with the sets clocking in at around 100 pieces.  I'd say for a free set this is really nice.

In fact, I'd say it's easily worth ten bucks - especially when you factor in the two figures and the trees.

The worker can even stand behind his stand (on the small plate) if he simply wants to rest (and collect the cash) while the shoppers pick out their own trees and load 'em into their own vehicles.

Speaking of vehicles, the second "half" of this set is the other 2013 Limited Edition set which is scheduled to be released on Black Friday (again on the LEGO Shop at Home page).  That set comes with a fourth tree, one minifigure, and a truck to haul away a Christmas tree.  Based on the image, I think the Christmas Tree Stand is far and away the better set of the two (and hence why I ordered my set when I did - I wanted this "freebie")!

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  5
Play Value:  3
Kid Value:  4
Adult Value:  10
Overall:  7.5

It's hard to give the set anything other than a 10 for value since it was technically free!  However, looking at the set as if I had to buy it I scored it quite low for kids (there's not a lot to do with the set) but extremely high for adults (it's a perfect complement to any winter scene - and getting three small trees is a bonus for almost any scene at all, winter or not).  Because of that, I'm extremely happy with the set but I could see why kids wouldn't be quite as enthralled as I am.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some Series 11 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (which means trade bait too!)

Today, I found myself in Wal*Mart so I did what I always do.  First, I went to the card aisle.  While there, I saw the lady who restocks the aisle, but unfortunately for me she was only just beginning her duties.  In fact, she hadn't yet opened the two large cardboard boxes (presumably full of new items).  Instead, she was reorganizing the various gaming cards (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, etc.).

Since I did need to get on with my chores (the "real" reason I was in Wal*Mart), I didn't stick around to see what goodies the restocking lady had.  Instead, I walked back to the toys section.  I've been looking for Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 11 blind packs at my Wal*Mart for a few months now and I haven't a bit of luck.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Wal*Mart had a hanging shelf of packs!

Unfortunately for me, there weren't many packs left - and it was fairly obvious that someone had already gone through and tried to pick out the good ones.  Of course, what's a "good figure" to one person might not be to another - and I figured if the person was only trying to grab the rare figures I'd still have a decent shot at getting something I needed since I was missing 11 out of the 16 figures.

With Christmas coming, I knew I couldn't spend much on myself so I limited myself to four blind packs ($2.97 each).  I figured for a bit more than half a blaster, I wasn't going too crazy.  The first blind pack that I opened contained a figure I needed - the Mountain Climber.

As you can see, the Mountain Climber is pretty cool.  He comes with a pickaxe (which seems a bit too large to be actually useful when scaling a mountain) and a coil of rope.  He also has a helmet and a nice face (complete with printed on glasses).  I also like the printing on his legs and torso though there's nothing of note on the backside of the figure.

I was happy to start of one-for-one in terms of figures that I needed, but pack 2 brought bad news.  I ended up with the Constable (a duplicate).  I didn't bother assembling the figure thinking I might be able to trade it away (thus, no photos).  The third pack?  Another Constable.


So all of the sudden I went from one-for-one to one-for-three in terms of needed figures.  Luckily, the fourth and final pack brought me one of my most wanted figures from the entire series (and thus saving the purchase in my eyes).  Yep, it's the Yeti!

The Yeti is hilarious with his yellow teeth, big bushy hair, and Popsicle.

The backside of the Yeti doesn't have anything of note either but that's ok.  The furry head piece goes so far down the Yeti's back that additional printing isn't really necessary.

In the end, I got two new figures (out of four packs) but the two duplicates ended up being the same.  Should anyone be interested in the Constable, I have some for trade!  My full list of the figures that I need (from all 11 series) can be found here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LEGO City: 2014 City Sets - Quick Reactions!

I'm still working on getting this blog back off the ground and (hopefully) running again.  At the moment, I have two fully written reviews ready to be posted - one is a modular building and the other a winter themed set!  I have a couple more LEGO sets waiting to be built and reviewed - once I get a few more in the queue, you can expect to see more posts here at Legend of LEGO.

However, while we wait for that to happen I thought it'd be fun to take a look at some of the newly announced 2014 LEGO sets.  Specifically, I'm going to give my quick thoughts on some of the various CITY sets scheduled for early 2014 release (you can find more details here).

LEGO 60042:  High Speed Police Chase

There are a lot of police themed sets coming out in early 2014 (which isn't surprising because LEGO almost always produces police themed stuff for the CITY line).  Unfortunately, many of the 2014 sets seem to be an almost exact re-hash of sets from 2013.  The new High Speed Chase for instance is basically this set which I reviewed earlier this year.

LEGO 60043:  Prisoner Transport

Here's another example of a set that is almost exactly the same as one of this year's sets.  In fact, I own this year's version of the Prisoner Transport so you can compare them!  Personally, I don't really care for the 2014 version - it looks much "cheaper" in terms of the build (though I would expect it will carry the same price tag as this year's version.

LEGO 60057:  Camper Van

Luckily, not all the early 2014 sets are copies of current stuff.  One of my favorite sets that's new (at least in recent years) is this Camper Van.  I love the fact that you get a canoe and I think the van itself is quite nice.  The only downside to this set appears to be the number of stickers (I hate stickers).

LEGO 60059:  Logging Truck

Out of all the newly released set images, I think the Logging Truck gets my vote for the best "must have" set.  I like getting a pair of pine trees and I like the logging truck itself.  Unfortunately, if I had to guess I'd say this will be a $30.00 set rather than a $20.00 set (if does end up being a twenty dollar set it's an instant must buy for me)!

LEGO 60047:  Police Station

I would be remiss if I didn't at least comment on the largest of the soon-to-be released CITY sets.  The Police Station weighs in at 854 pieces which is quite nice.  Looking at the set, I especially like the ball-and-chain piece that a bunch of the police sets have this year (meaning 2014).  I also like the variety of vehicles that you get with the Police Station - it certainly ups the "fun" and "play" values of the set.  I doubt I'll ever have the cash to spend on this set but it's certainly a nice option for those with more money than I have!

There's my quick take on some of the new 2014 sets.  Of course, if I ever end up purchasing any of them, you can expect a full review on this blog.  And, in case you've missed some of my older reviews, be sure to check the menus at the top (they drop down) to see what sets I have reviewed.

And, of course, stay tuned for more reviews coming in the not-so-distant future!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Haven't Abandoned this Blog!

 Although it's been a long time since I've had a post here at Legend of Lego, I haven't forgotten about the blog.  In fact, I have one post (a review of a modular building) that's been sitting in my post queue for quite some time...I simply decided to hold off on publishing it until I could get a few other posts written so that this blog doesn't become a one-post-per-month blog like it has been lately.

Anyhow, there are some exciting things that are about to happen to this blog.  First, as I said, I have a full review of a modular building (and a little birdie told me I might be getting another modular building for my birthday in a few weeks - so you can expect a full review of that as well).

Second, I've been doing some purchasing and trading (mostly using my other blog) in which I've acquired some new LEGO stuff - including six new collectible figures (as seen in pairs here, here, and here).  The six figures helped me inch closer to completing a few of the full LEGO Minifigure Series, though I still have a ways to go on most of the different series!

Third, I went back to my parents' house and found an old bin full of LEGO sets from my childhood.  Unfortunately, they were mixed in with sets that my two brothers owned as well (and almost every set was completely disassembled and mixed up)!  It's taken me a number of months, but I've almost finished off building everyone's sets.  Unfortunately, a bunch of pieces have disappeared over time so now I'm at the point where I need to make some orders in order to finish up the final few sets (I'm expecting my first "pick-a-brick" order to arrive this week in fact).

Finally, with the above note, I hope to start to include a bunch of older "vintage" reviews on this blog - ideally making this a fun place to visit to check out both modern and older LEGO sets (and maybe even some of my own creations down the line).

For now though, I only wanted to give everyone a heads up - and if you write your own LEGO blog that I don't have linked on my sidebar, let me know that too as I like having a single spot to go to see all the latest and greatest happenings in the LEGO world!