Monday, April 4, 2016

My Custom LEGO City: Update! (Custom Ice Cream Shop)

Many of my readers may already know this, but I teach at a nearby college.  I love my job, but there's always a big "crunch time" during the final six weeks or so of the semester (something that we are smack dab in the middle of currently).  As it stands, work has been keeping me incredibly busy due to a variety of issues (including the fact that I'm teaching two new classes this semester AND I just got roped into working on a grant, among other things).  Anyhow, all of that is basically my way of saying that I haven't accomplished a whole lot in terms of my hobbies lately - but I did manage to do a little bit...and that's what today's update is for!

You see, I finished off my first custom building for my large gray base plate that I purchased about a month ago.  In my original post highlighting my purchase, I said that one of my plans was to build a custom Ice Cream Shop - and that's exactly what I managed to accomplish!

Here's how the shop looks from the outside.

You may notice that pink bit leading up on to the roof.  The Ice Cream Shop is going to be on the ground floor of what I hope to (eventually) have as a two story city block of sorts.  That's a pink staircase that I was able to land off of Bricklink for a pretty decent price.  As for the Ice Cream Shop, there's a door to go inside on the ground floor and there is a walk up window if you'd prefer to place your order and eat outside.  I still need to do some work on the seating area outside (there is nothing there currently) but that'll all happen in due time!

As for the inside of the shop?  Well, that too is mostly done...

I need to pick up some 1x2 tiles in both white and black in order to finish off the full checkerboard pattern (I didn't realize I didn't have any and so I wasn't smart enough to make the width of the shop work with 2x2 tiles)!  At the bottom of the picture you can probably see a couple of chairs and tables for guests, plus a pair of slushy machines (one with green goo, the other with blue).  There is a cooler full of ice cream for the worker to scoop up near the window, as well as an ice cream cone dispenser (next to a Styrofoam bowl dispenser).  You can also get a much better view of the staircase that will lead up to the second floor of the city block (and the train station which will be for passengers loading and unloading onto the raised passenger railway system)!

Obviously I have a lot more to accomplish just to get the large grey base plate filled up (to say nothing of my entire LEGO table layout).  That said, even small accomplishments feel good - and this one was pretty fun to create.  I'm not 100% sure this is the final product...but it's a good start.

Hopefully I'll have more updates on my Custom City in the near future...but that's it for now.

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