Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 LEGO City Advent Calendar (60133): Week 2 & 3 Review

Back in the early part of December, I took a look at the first week's worth of minibuilds from the LEGO City Advent Calendar from 2016.  Now that another two (!) weeks have passed, let's take a look at the next batch of minibuilds!

As you can see, the little "scene" is starting to come together nicely.  That's probably a good thing because there are only four more doors to open (and one of those four is very likely to be a Santa Claus minifigure - I try to stay spoiler free for my advent calendar but you can count on getting Santa on Christmas Eve).

Looking at each of the clusters a bit more closely, we begin with the firefighter band.

The stage looks pretty good (though nothing new was added to this little ensamble since the first week).  I was sort of hoping for another band member (and another new instrument) but that doesn't look like it is going to happen.  I do like the street light quite a bit (though truth be told, it needs a few more black round 1x1s to make it the "proper" height).

Next, we have the hockey players (along with a pair of store front builds).

I have a big "pond" in my main Christmas village set-up this I'm sure these two hockey players will find their way to my pond next Christmas season!  For now though, they'll have to be satisfied with skating on the cardboard printed pond instead.

Moving on to the pile of Christmas gifts (including a remote control helicopter and a "pilot" figure for the toy).

There's also the snowmobile (and fire extinguisher - or is that a mustard dispenser)?  Either way, I fully expect a brick built Christmas tree to end up here in the very near future!

Finally, we get to the funniest of the builds so far - a firefighter decked out in almost complete Hazmat gear baking some cookies.

There's also a "Charlie Brown" tree in the background, though I suppose it could also be a tree that burnt up (and perhaps why there are so many firefighters around now).

This has been a fun advent Calendar - I'll have to try and compare it to the 2014 version (the only other version I own) when all is said and done.  I still have four more doors to open...including today's, so I should be able to do one more wrap-up post around Christmas Eve/Day.

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