Thursday, October 6, 2016

New LEGO Ideas Set Announced: Old Fishing Store

I'll admit that I generally don't pay a lot of attention to the LEGO Ideas set announcements.  To me, it appears that LEGO mostly only green lights projects that are based on existing IPs (although I know that isn't entirely true since they have done a birds set and a maze set, among others).  And to date, I've only purchased a single LEGO Ideas set - the Exo Suit (which I haven't yet built)!

With all that said, I must admit that I got caught up in today's announcement because I'm truly excited for the one set that made it through the review process:  The Old Fishing Store.

Even a single quick glance at the above model should "wow" you!  Now, it should be noted that the final released building will probably not look quite like the above model - but if it is even a close approximation (in terms of building size, piece count, innovate techniques, etc.) then I'll be ecstatic.  In fact, I might be the first in line to buy the set!

I want to congratulate LEGO for being bold here - this set doesn't have any brand or license to fall back on - it will have to sell based entirely on its own merits.  And it will have to do so at a (presumably) high price point.  all that said, if the end result looks as good as the above model, I think this will be a roaring success for LEGO (and hopefully a chance for LEGO to green light other nice buildings that outside the "normal City" line).