Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Day, Another LEGO Package in the Mail!

My rate of posting has slowed down rather drastically both here and on my baseball card blog (Nachos Grande) because of my upcoming move to a new house.  That said, I am still adding to my collections here and there, albeit not at a hurried pace.

My most recent addition to my Collectible LEGO Minifigure Series collection is the Disco Guy from Series 2.

The Disco Guy comes with a Brick Fever printed tile which is supposed to represent a vinyl record cover.  He also has a pretty sweet fro that I believe would make for some fun MOCs.

Once I get situated in my new home, I expect posting to ramp back up here at Playing with Bricks.  Even better, I'm hoping to eventually start my own LEGO City layout where I'll get to make use of many of my collectible minifigs!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Very LEGO Mail Day! Adding to my Minifigure Collection!

I'm in the middle of a move - my wife and I are in the process of selling our current home and moving into a brand new home which has definitely taken up most of my free time.  Added to that, my teaching job starts back up in earnest next week as college is back in session.

All of that has meant that I've had little time to devote to my two blogs that I try to keep up-to-date (the other being Nachos Grande, my baseball card blog).  Happily, I did happen to log on to Listia and land another needed LEGO collectible minifigure for my collection (and right before I packed up my entire minifigure collection no less)!

The newest addition?

That's the Lady Robot from Series 11.  I'm now only missing the Saxaphone Player and the Barbarian from Series 11 - coincidentally (or not really) those two are probably my two least favorite figures from Series 11!  Usually it seems like the figure I most want is the final one I's odd having to track down a pair of "meh" figures...but such is the life of a set collector!
When we get all moved into our new place, I hope to get back to more regular postings including more vintage set reviews, new set reviews, and more Minifigure Museum posts.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LEGO 6009: Black Knight - REVIEW

It's time to dip back into my box of LEGO sets from when I was a kid.  Today's set is one of the smallest sets that I ever owned (it officially contains a mere 22 pieces).  That said, for such a small set it provided a lot of fun play value for me over the years!

The Black Knight's instruction manual probably wasn't ever necessary - you can simply look at the photo and see exactly how to build the entire set!

The Black Knight set is basically exactly that.  A knight from the Black Knight's guild.  The set comes with a horse, the knight, a plethora of weapons (2 swords, a crossbow, and shield), and small weapon rack.  That's it.

As a kid, I always loved the knight's helmet and armor.  I never had any other minifigures quite like this one which made the Black Knight feel more special to me than probably a set this small ever actually deserved!

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  2
Play Value:  3
Kid Value:  3
Adult Value:  4
Overall:  3

While I enjoyed the set a lot as a kid, it was only because I also owned plenty of other Castle themed sets (including other Black Knights sets).  If I only owned this one Castle set, it would have been quite lame indeed (you don't even get another "bad guy" for the knight to go up against).  Even worse, the set was originally $3.25 which doesn't really even seem like that great of a deal today (and the set was released back in 1992)!